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Laura Little


Laura Little

No. 79, Tile mural, glazed, slipcast stoneware with gold lustre.



The theme I have used for my pieces has been influenced by my interest in steam locomotives:  The idea being to recreate some aspects of the steam locomotive, both external and internal.



The smoke-box at the front of the locomotive leant itself to becoming a clock, which incidentally is a good match for AGA Cookers 





 Laura Little clock


 Green Smoke Box Clock, 2010. Glazed, slipcast stoneware with gold lustre, approx 40cm diameter.



From the footplate I took the idea of making pressure gauges, which I then turned into wall lights - The light shinning from within the gauge, through a series of holes, to create a halo effect on the wall behind the gauge.




Laura Little wall light 


Pressure Gauge Wall Light (not illuminated), 2010. Left: detail, right: construction.

Glazed, slipcast stoneware, screen printed enamel transfers, copper.





Other pieces include small ceramic train wheels, which can be used as coasters, and chimney domes which can be used as decorative items either in the house or in the garden.



Laura Little 

Laura Little, Chimney domes, 2010.



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