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Melanie O'Donnell :: Artist's Statement 




Melanie O'Donnell 

Peace by Melanie O'Donnell 




I attended Glasgow School of Art, Ceramics Department, graduating in 1986.


After graduating I was employed in various situations including the usual odd-jobs and teaching English abroad. During all the time away from making ceramics, I felt constantly inspired by foreign travels, literature, and music.


At the time of joining the Glasgow Ceramic Studio I was inspired by reading the book "Miss Garnett's Angel" by Salley Vickers, about the restoration of an angel statue in Venice. The imagery in the book tapped into many of my inspirations: old statues, architecture in different countries, religious iconography, and set me on a course of making angel babies and children.


I have continued with this theme, and sometimes I also make men and women. When I am making the pieces I start with an idea of how they will be, but they always develop their own characters during the process and evolve into male or female.


When I travel, which I love to do, I always visit churches and buildings, and study the statues. I find it interesting how different countries utilise their religious symbolism, from Spanish/ Italian fishing towns taking their Madonna statues down to the sea, to small shrines at the side of the road in Greece, honouring people who have died there.


I am also very interested in the different cultural ideals of beauty. I find it fascinating how different tribal and ethnic peoples decorate their bodies, utilising what is found around their areas, using colour, jewellery, and marking themselves in some way. These decorative trends make their way into my work.


Recently I have returned to making horses. I have always loved horses and see them as an extension of the other figurative pieces with similar markings and textures.


I am fascinated by how the passing of years affects artworks, and find that various techniques, including raku firing, help pieces to look "aged". Most of all I feel very fortunate to be a creative person who can become completely immersed in another world for long periods at a time.




Melanie O'Donnell 

Jeanne d'Arc by Melanie O'Donnell 





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