The Glasgow Ceramics Studio owns and operates
a number of electric kilns that are available for hire to the community

Kiln Dimensions & Prices




We have the equipment and specialist technical knowledge to fire your work for you, all you need to do is arrange a date, deliver the work and pick it up when ready.


Call us on 0141 550 8030 to book a firing.






Firing Prices


The following prices are valid as of 1st January 2017 and are inclusive of the technician fee:


All electric kilns except Brockie:

Bisque or earthenware glaze up to 1060°C £30.00

Earthenware and mid-range up to 1200°C £35.00

Stoneware up to 1260°C £50.00



Bisque or earthenware glaze up to 1060°C £35.00

Earthenware and mid-range up to 1200°C £50.00

The technician fee of £15 is included and covers the artist's time for packing, unpacking and firing the kiln for you.

NB. this fee may be higher if you are planning to fire a large number of very small pieces which will take longer than usual to pack or unpack from the kiln.


Electric Kiln Firings



Unless you have produced very large sculptural work or porcelain pieces which need to be fired over 1260ºC, an electric kiln firing will be the cheapest and easiest option for you. The maximum firing temperature for our electric kilns is 1260°C. Cost is per firing, regardless of kiln size or number of pieces to be fired. The cost may fluctuate as it is based on electricity prices.


The largest electric kiln we own has a chamber size of 63cm deep, 46cm wide and 71 cm tall at arch center. When sizing work for a kiln firing you must leave some room around the edges of the pieces (ie. it cannot touch the elements). When firing several pieces you should also allow for the thickness of kiln shelves and space taken up by kiln props.


Gas Kiln Firings 


We offer reduction firings and high firings up to 1300°C (both reduction and oxidation) in both our gas kilns. All bookings should be made with Susan O'Byrne. 



Please note that because the temperature rises very quickly in the initial stages of a gas firing, if you are making large sculptural work it should be made of a grogged (rough) clay and completely bone dry prior to firing. 



Prices for gas firings are available on application and are based on current gas prices, the firing duration and top temperature. As gas firings are much more labour intensive for the artist who is firing the kiln for you, the technical charge will be higher than when using an electric kiln.   


For the exact dimensions of our gas kilns please contact the studio.  


If you would like to fire work at the Glasgow Ceramics Studio,

please call us on 0141 550 8030.



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