The Glasgow Ceramics Studio owns and operates
a number of electric kilns which are available for hire to the community

How To Book a Firing


Call us on 0141 550 8030 to book a kiln firing.

Our professional member artists are qualified to fire the kiln for you.








The artist that agrees to fire your work will book a kiln on your behalf and you should make an appointment with them personally to bring your work to the studio when it's ready, preferably a day or two before your kiln booking.


We are an artist's cooperative located within a secure building and everyone has their own separate schedule, so best to make sure you have an appointment with someone before you turn up with your work. We do not have a secretary or a technician and if you arrive without an appointment you may find you are unable to gain access to the studio.


It is often safer to transport work when it is leather hard and you are welcome to use our drying cupboard prior to firing.


Firings should be booked at least one week in advance. At some busy times of the year, it is better to book even further in advance. These times include the lead up to Open Day (September), the lead up to Christmas (late October and November each year) and the lead up to the Edinburgh Arts Festival (July).



Terms and Conditions


  • Kiln bookings must be made in advance. 
  •  Kiln bookings are made on a first-come first-served basis and kilns are therefore not guaranteed available on any particular date. 
  •  Work needs to be dropped off at and picked up from the studio. (To ensure your work arrives at our studio unbroken, we recommend that you transport raw clay while it is leather hard rather than bone dry. We can offer the use of our drying cupboard where your work can be dried prior to firing). 
  • A technician's charge (usually £15) will be included in your quote. 
  •  Firings cannot be carried out overnight. 
  •  For health and safety reasons studio equipment may only be operated by qualified studio members. 
  •  The electricity used in all firings is metered. Prices quoted are based on the average expected electricity usage. If the firing is much longer than usual (if the work is not dry or is unusually thick-walled) extra charges may apply. 
  •  As there are a myriad of factors which can affect the final outcome of the work after firing (including construction technique, drying times and stresses during transport) the Glasgow Ceramics Studio can not be held responsible for any unsatisfactory results. 
  •  Although every effort is made for accuracy on this site, kiln charges may vary at studio discretion. If in doubt, please ask for confirmation of the price at the time of making the booking.



If you are unsure about which types of firing you require, our experienced and qualified member artists will be happy to provide help and advice at time of booking.