The Glasgow Ceramics Studio owns and operates
a number of gas and electric kilns which are available for hire to the community

Firing Services and Kiln Hire


Our kilns are available to non-member artists, schools, community groups, charities and small businesses.




We own and operate several electric kilns (firing up to 1260ºC) and two gas kilns (firing work up to 1300ºC). One of these is a trolley kiln, one of the largest kilns available for use by ceramic artists in the Glasgow area. This kiln is suitable for firing large sculptural work.


We are based in the East End of Glasgow, however this service is available to anyone within an easy driving distance, including the wider Glasgow Clyde Valley / Lanarkshire area, Stirling, Falkirk, Edinburgh and the Lothians. 



To book a firing please call us on


0141 550 8030




For more information on our firing services, please choose "Kiln Dimensions and Prices" in the left hand side menu.