Beginners Mould Making Course

Not running at the present time.  

Learn the basics of mould making for ceramics and finish the course with a ceramic piece made from your mould.

Classes run on Thursday evenings starting February 21st and continuing for 4 weeks.

Week 1 (2 hours long)

You will have an induction to the basics of mould making. Based on that knowledge you will make a clay model.

Week 2 (2.5 hours long)

You will make a plaster 2 piece mould from the clay model you made the week before.

Week 3 (2.5 hours long)

You will slip-cast around 3 casts from your mould.

Week 4 (2 hours long)

You will glaze your pieces with a glaze of your choice

Course Cost & Bookings

Course cost of £105 includes – 4 evening teaching sessions, all materials (plaster, clay, glazes) and 2 kiln firings.

There is limited space availability. Secure your space with a deposit of £30 (non-refundable).

To book please e-mail Anna Lewandowska-Mirska directly at: .