Kiln Hire is perfect for anyone who would occasionally like to work with clay, but has limited space or does not wish to invest in the expensive firing equipment required. We have the equipment and specialist technical knowledge to fire your work for you, all you need to do is arrange a date, deliver the work and pick it up when ready. This service is available to schools, community groups, charities, small businesses and non-member artists.

Kiln Sizes

All measurements below are of the packing dimensions (internal area of the kiln) listed as width x depth x height.

Electric kilns

We maintain and operate several electric kilns which are capable of firing work up to 1260°C. 
Blue Bee – 41 x 45 x 90cm
Brockie – 60 x 72 x 75cm 
Jeff – 58 x 71 x 78cm
G2 – 41 x 60 x 56cm
Raddy – 31 x 35 x 27cm

Gas Kilns

We also own and operate two gas kilns which are capable of firing work up to 1300ºC. One of these is a trolley kiln, one of the largest kilns available for use by ceramic artists in the Glasgow area. This kiln is suitable for firing large sculptural work. 
Beast – 120 x 90 x 100cm 
Marta – 60 x 60 x 75cm


The following prices are valid as of 1st August 2019 and are inclusive of the technician fee:


Please call the Studio for prices.



All kilns except Brockie and Jeff

Firings up to 1060°C £45.00
Up to 1150°C £50.00
Up to 1200°C £55.00
Up to 1260°C £65.00

Brockie and Jeff

Firings up to 1060°C £50.00
Up to 1200°C £65.00
Up to 1260°C £70.00

The technician fee of £15 is included and covers one hour of the artist’s time for packing, unpacking and firing the kiln for you. For longer loading/unloading times there will be an extra fee of £15 an hour. 

Prices are based on average electricity use. For extra slow firings, higher firing fees may apply.  

Please use our kiln hire booking request form to book a firing

A firing is booked with one of our professional member artists who are qualified to fire the kiln for you. That person will book a kiln on your behalf and you should make an appointment with them personally to receive your work when you are ready to bring it in, preferably a day or two before your kiln booking.

Please note that we are an artist’s cooperative located within a secure building and we have no secretary or technician. You must make an appointment with one particular artist to be available to meet you when you arrive. If you arrive without an appointment, you may find that you are unable to gain access to the studio.

Firings are usually booked at least one week in advance. At some busy times of the year, it is better to book even further in advance. These times include the lead up to Christmas (late October and November each year), the lead up to Edinburgh Arts Festival (July) and any studio open days. 

It is often safer to transport work when it is leather hard. Please mention it when making your kiln booking if you would like your work dried in our drying cupboard prior to firing.

Kiln Hire Booking Request Form

Please fill in the form below with as much info as possible, someone will be in touch shortly.