Past Residents

Livia Marin

Livia Marin is a London-based Chilean artist whose work has been characterized throughout by large-scale installations and the appropriation of mass-produced and mass-consumed objects. Her work was initially informed by the immediate social and political context of Chile in the 1990s that amounted to a transition from a profoundly overt disciplinary regime (given by seventeen years of dictatorship) to an economically disciplinary regime with a strongly developed neo-liberal economic agenda. She employs everyday objects to enquire into the nature of how we relate to material objects in an era dominated by standardization and global circulation. In this, the work seeks to offer a reflection on the relationship we develop with those often unseen objects that meet our daily needs. Central to the work is a trope of estrangement that works to reverse an excess of familiarity that commands the life of the everyday and the dictates of the marketplace. Marin has exhibited widely both in her native Chile and internationally.

Oné Maldonyté

Onė is a recent graduate of Vilnius Academy of Arts, where her work focused on sculptural abstraction. Since graduating, she was awarded a residency at the Glasgow Ceramics Studio, which allowed her to continue to explore practice-based research; focusing on the conceptual process journeyed through the imagining and creating of ceramic objects. She utilises the highly plastic and transformative nature of clay to collect, document and commit to the final ceramic form.

Onė harnesses thoughts, associations and moments of awareness gathered from the environment to analyse connections with the aim of exploring our aesthetic choices and the process of creating an object.

Jim Green

Jim came to visit Glasgow Ceramics Studio at the beginning of the summer 2017. Staying for three months, he combined making the most of his time in the studio during the week with exploring the Scottish Highlands and Islands on his bike on the weekends.

Jim is based in South London and has been working in ceramics for a little over four years. His Scandinavian influenced functional ware is all thrown, turned and glazed by hand. Jim likes to make unique, one off items or small batches of work and his pieces are made with the intention they should be used as often as possible. Inspiration can come from all sorts of things, including 60s and 70s Scandinavian and German ceramics, studio pottery and other more well known British companies like Hornsea and Denby.

You can see more of Jim’s work at and on Instagram.

Ruta Bartkeviciute

Ruta joined us in the Glasgow Ceramics Studio for a three month residency in 2015 and is fast gaining a reputation for her fine craftsmanship. Born and brought up in Lithuania, Ruta gained a ceramists master’s degree from Vilnius’ Art Academy in 2013. Since 2008 she has taken part in both solo and group exhibitions, symposiums, competitions and art residencies in Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Denmark, Italy and the UK.

Based in Hertford in the UK and working as an independent artist, Ruta’s highly original work is influenced by European folk art and is made using red clay decorated with colourful glazes, all painted on by hand. 

You can follow Ruta on Instagram.