Ruth Impey

Ruth Impey has a keen interest in the history of pottery production and sourcing her own clays. Inspired by her desire to create work made from local clay whilst living in Abu Dhabi Ruth began researching the history of pottery in the United Arab Emirates. In 2012 Ruth established the UAE Pottery Research Project which aims to celebrate and recognise the historical contribution of the tradition of pottery, Julfar Ware, to the UAE’s pre-oil economy and to revive the art of pottery making in the UAE. In 2014 Ruth received a FIND Artist Fellowship from New York University Abu Dhabi for her research project, ‘Tinn – Reviving the Art of UAE Pottery’.

Ruth has worked with a number of museums during the course of her research work including the British Museum and was commisioned by the Louvre Abu Dhabi to source clays for the ‘Earth of the World Vase’ which is currently on display at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Ruth is in her final year studying for an MA in Museum Studies at Leicester University, her dissertation is concerned with the impact of ‘making’ on museum practice.

Ruth creates and produces her work from Raha Pottery studio which she relocated to Glasgow in 2015. She is currently working on The 100 Julfar Pot Project, inspired by her research and Julfar kiln archeology, which aims to represent a ‘snap shot’ of a typical Julfar kiln load in the late 19th century. She is also researching and working towards an exhibtion concerning the history of Glasgow’s Industrial Pottery particulary focusing on the global reach of Glasgow’s pottery trade.

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Replica Julfar pots for 100 Pot Project
Clays sourced for Louvre Abu Dhabi
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Earth of the World Vase, Louvre Abu Dhabi