Viv Lee

Born in Hong Kong, artist Viv Lee lives and works in Glasgow. Graduating from The Glasgow School of Art in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture, Viv works with terracotta and stoneware clays to create sculptural ceramics with a focus on hand built vessels. 

The surface of the vessels are either glazed in a palette of whites, natural earthy tones or left unglazed to show the raw body of the clay. The motivation behind her work is to explore making as a spiritual practice, with the tactility of clay lending itself to this exploration as it allows her to work intuitively and mindfully. Making vessels as a means of expression is linked to her belief in the body as a sacred vessel. 

By approaching making with this in mind, she appreciates the diversity of forms that emerge and embraces imperfections and flaws, accepting them as the beautiful idiosyncrasies that make each body and vessel unique.