Wei Keong Tan

Wei Keong Tan is a designer and an artist. Born in Singapore in 1982, he completed his diploma in Product and Industrial Design in 2003, subsequently working for 7 years in an architectural lighting design company (Project Lighting Design Singapore). He then enrolled at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam to study Ceramic in Fine Arts and graduated in 2016. He now lives and works in Glasgow.

The relationship between Nature and Man (Culture) has been the centre of Wei Keong’s investigative topic for his works. By Nature, Wei Keong does not refer just to botany, landscapes and animals – categories made distinguished through the definitions of Science, but also to Man and his manipulative creations, such as materials, machines, objects; the “all-encompassing” that may or may not be defined in our universe. In the Orient, especially in India, China and Japan, very interesting philosophical concepts about Nature are provided. It is through these notions of Nature from the Orient that WeiKeong tries to question through his works, hoping to seek for the beauty in the truth.