Eilidh Hunter

Eilidh is a Scottish ceramicist currently making from her studio space within the Glasgow Ceramic Studio. Eilidh makes predominantly wheel thrown functional ceramic vessels and objects in stoneware clay for everyday use and quiet moments of enjoyment. A cup to hold your coffee and a bowl to cradle your morning porridge. A vase to hold a seasonal stem and holders for incense to burn from. Her work evokes a feeling of calm and offers an escape from the everyday chaos of life.

Eilidh’s ceramics are inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian design whilst also embracing the beauty in imperfection as embodied in the Japanese term Wabi Sabi. With a background in design and a keen eye for detail, the design and functionality of Eiiidh’s pieces are carefully considered.

Eilidh’s work is minimalistic, and her forms are organic. Her work is glazed in a subdued palette and brushstrokes of slip and iron oxide can often be found.

Eilidh offers taster sessions and teaches throwing lessons on a Thursday evening.