Sian Patterson

Sian Patterson is a Glasgow-based ceramicist designing and making functional and decorative thrown stoneware. A core tableware collection is complemented by a series of one-off pieces constituting an ongoing investigation into composition, form, and glaze.

The work is characterised by a formal purity and a restrained palette of unique glazes, often combined in subtle contrasts. How each individual piece feels to hold and to use is as important as the collection’s appearance and visual coherence.

A wide range of influences and references inform the collection – from victorian pharmaceutical and preserving bottles to the still lives of Giorgio Morandi and the photography of Uta Barth. The central preoccupation is a keen sensitivity to surface, colour and light, an interest in formal groupings, and an atmosphere of familiarity.

The act of making by hand is absolutely central to Sian’s practice – every piece is wheel thrown, trimmed and glazed individually, and stamped with a makers mark and year of production.